Girls and Education 3-16

Continuing Concerns, New Agendas

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January 1, 2010


Paperback, 256 pages


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Main description

"This is a book to own, read and re-read for its insights and which should then provoke us to act so that all children at school are able to enjoy and benefit from education".
Professor Debbie Epstein, Cardiff University, UK, Editor, Gender and Education

"This excellent book offers evidence from a rich vein of research covering all aspects of girls' and young women's experiences of education, in and out of school, and is therefore an absolute must for all involved in teaching, learning, researching and policy-making on gender."
Professor Gaby Weiner, University of Edinburgh, UK

Countering claims that we live in 'post-feminist' times in which girls 'have it all' and can do, and be, whatever they like, this book explores some of the current concerns of, and about, girls today.

Issues relating to girls' schooling and femininities have been sidelined and depoliticised in recent education agendas. Yet questions and concerns relating to schoolgirls' lives and experiences deserve immediate attention. Not all girls are academically successful; many girls face exclusion in schools; career aspirations are still gendered; rates of smoking and drinking alcohol are high amongst some groups of girls.

With contributions from leading researchers in gender and education, this book:

  • Draws on cutting edge research to consider ongoing problems and explore new agendas.
  • Includes contributions relating to the entire 3-16 year age range.
  • Considers both the within- and out-of-school experiences of girls, and locates them within wider debates about gender anxieties in contemporary education.

This topical collection highlights the main issues faced by girls in Britain today, and endeavours to put girls back on the educational agenda. It is essential reading for students, academics and researchers in education, sociology, and girls' studies, as well as for school teachers and education policy makers.

Contributors: Alexandra Allan, Sheryl Clark, Fin Cullen, Jannette Elwood, Becky Francis, Rosalyn George, Valerie Hey, Laura Hills, Jean Kane, Gwynedd Lloyd, Jackie Marsh, Barbara Martin, Gillean McCluskey, Emma Renold, Sheila Riddell, Jessica Ringrose, Farzana Shain, Joan Stead, Elisabet Weedon

Table of contents


Part one - Girls and academic achievement
Girls' achievement: contesting the positioning of girls as the relational 'achievers' to 'boys' underachievement
Exploring girls' relationship to and with achievement: linking assessment, learning, mind and gender
'Rebels', 'bad girls' and 'misbehavers': exploring 'underachievement' in single-sex, selective schooling
Refusing to integrate? Asian girls, achievement and the experience of schooling
Fighting for an education: succeeding and surviving for girls in care at school

Part two - Girls' experiences in the schooling system
Inner city girls: Choosing schools and negotiating friendships
'Even the people you know turn their back on you': The influence of friendships and social networks on girls' experiences of physical education
Schoolgirls and power/knowledge economies: using knowledge to mobilize social power
'You've got to have the pink one because you're a girl!' Exploring young girls' understanding of femininities and masculinities in preschool
Gender and the new discipline agenda in Scottish schools

Part three - Relationships between girls' out-of-school experiences and school life
Demanding time: Balancing school and out-of-shool demands
Sluts, whores, fat slags and playboy bunnies: Teen girls' negotiations of 'sexy' on social networking sites and at school
'I was kinda paralytic': pleasure, peril and teenage girls' drinking stories
New literacies, old identities: Young girls' experiences of digital literacy at home and school
Framing girls in girlhood studies: Gender/class/ifications in contemporary feminist representations

Author comments

Carolyn Jackson is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster University, UK

Carrie Paechter is Professor of Education at Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

Emma Renold is Reader in Childhood Studies at the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, UK

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