Incident Response & Computer Forensics, 2nd Ed.

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July 17, 2003


Paperback, 544 pages


007222696X / 9780072226966


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Main description

Written by FBI insiders, this updated best-seller offers a look at the legal, procedural, and technical steps of incident response and computer forensics. Including new chapters on forensic analysis and remediation, and real-world case studies, this revealing book shows how to counteract and conquer today’s hack attacks.

Table of contents

Part I: Introduction 1: Real-World Incidents 2: Introduction to the Incident Response Process 3: Preparing for Incident Response 4: After Detection of an Incident Part II: Data Collection 5: Live Data Collection from Windows Systems 6: Live Data Collection from Unix Systems 7: Forensic Duplication 8: Collecting Network-based Evidence 9: Evidence Handling Part III: Data Analysis 10: Computer System Storage Fundamentals 11: Data Analysis Techniques 12: Investigating Windows Systems 13: Investigating Unix Systems 14: Analyzing Network Traffic 15: Investigating Hacker Tools 16: Investigating Routers 17: Writing Computer Forensic Reports Part IV: Appendixes A: Answers to Questions B: Incident Response Forms

Author comments

Chris Prosise, VP of Consulting at Foundstone, is a recognized network security expert with extensive experience in attack and penetration testing and incident response. Chris has led government and commercial security teams on missions worldwide, from sensitive incident response missions on Top Secret government networks to comprehensive security assessments on some of the world's largest corporations. Chris is a featured speaker at multiple security conferences such as Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST). Chris is an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University where he teaches a class on Incident Response.

Kevin Mandia, Director of Computer Forensics at Foundstone, is a well-recognized forensics and incident response expert. Kevin leads Foundstone’s premiere incident response and forensics services, delivering consulting and training services to Foundstone's clients. Prior to joining Foundstone, Kevin was a Special Agent with AFOSI specializing in computer intrusion cases. Upon leaving the AFOSI, Kevin developed a computer intrusion response course specifically designed at the request of the FBI. Kevin trained over 400 FBI agents as well as personnel from the State Department, the CIA, NASA, the U.S. Postal Service, the Air Force, and other Government Agencies.

Back cover copy

Completely Updated with the Latest Techniques--Contains All-New Forensics Content and Real-World Scenarios

"An insider's look at the legal, procedural and technical steps of computer forensics and analysis." --Information Security magazine

"This book is an absolute must-read for anyone who plays a role in responding to computer security events." --Marc J. Zwillinger, former trial attorney with the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Computer Crime & Intellectual Property

"An excellent resource for information on how to respond to computer intrusions and conduct forensic investigations." --Network Magazine

"If your job requires you to review the contents of a computer system for evidence of unauthorized or unlawful activities, this is the book for you. The authors, through real-world experiences, demonstrate both technically and procedurally the right way to perform computer forensics and respond to security incidents." --Howard A. Schmidt, Former Special Advisor for Cyber Security, White House, and former Chief Security Officer, Microsoft Corp.

New and Updated Material:

  • New real-world scenarios throughout
  • The latest methods for collecting live data and investigating Windows and UNIX systems
  • Updated information on forensic duplication
  • New chapter on emergency network security monitoring
  • New chapter on corporate evidence handling procedures
  • New chapter on data preparation with details on hard drive interfaces and data storage principles
  • New chapter on data extraction and analysis
  • The latest techniques for analyzing network traffic
  • Up-to-date methods for investigating and assessing hacker tools

Foreword by former FBI Special Agent Scott Larson

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