IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10: The Official Guide

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April 6, 2012


Electronic book text, 752 pages

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0071775927 / 9780071775922

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Main description

The only authorized guide to IBM Cognos 10 Business Intelligence

Updated for the latest release of the software, IBM Cognos 10 Business Intelligence: The Official Guide is a major revision of the leading book on this powerful BI solution. Cognos 10 Business Intelligence delivers a complete range of BI capabilities—reporting, analysis, scorecards, dashboards, business event management, and data integration—on a single, proven architecture. This official guide offers BI developers and architects, consultants, IT managers, and end-users in-depth coverage of the product’s key features.

This practical resource provides step-by-step instructions on developing, maintaining, and deploying a complete enterprise BI solution. Written by two Cognos experts who have been delivering BI solutions to Fortune 500 organizations for years, the book features real-world insight into the successful implementation of business analytics and performance management solutions along with practical tips and techniques.

IBM Cognos 10 Business Intelligence: The Official Guide

  • Fully endorsed and authorized by IBM
  • Covers the entire IBM Cognos 10 Business Intelligence suite
  • Explains Business Insight and Business Insight Advanced in detail
  • Includes real-world examples of techniques to help solve business issues
  • Covers the most-used functions in IBM Cognos 10 Business Intelligence to help you gain insight on how to deliver business value to internal IBM Cognos 10 users

Complete coverage
Business Analytics; Monitoring Performance Using Dashboards and Scorecards; Introduction to Cognos 10; TM1; Enhanced Analytics; Cognos Connection I; Cognos Connection II; Consumer Modes; Microsoft Office Solutions; Business Insight; Business Insight Power Users; Advanced Relational Data; Advanced Dimensional Data; Report Authoring; Advanced Report Authoring; Event Management; Advanced Statistics in Report Studio; Scorecards and Metrics; Framework Manager I Modeling Data; Framework Manager II Model Maintenance; Security; Connection Management; Lifecycle Management; Dynamic Query Mode

Table of contents

1. Business Analytics
2. Monitoring Performance Using Dashboards and Scorecards
3. Introduction to Cognos 10
4. TM1
5. Enhanced Analytics
6. Cognos Connection I
7. Cognos Connection II
8. Consumer Modes
9. Microsoft Office Solutions
10. Business Insight
11. Business insight Power Users
12. Advanced Relational Data
13. Advanced Dimensional Data
14. Report Autohring
15. Advanced Report Authoring
16. Event Management
17. Advanced Statistics in Report Studio
18. Scorecards and metrics
19. Framework Manager I Modeling Data
20. Framework Manager II Model Maintenance
21. Security
22. Connection Management
23. Lifecycle Management
24. Dynamic Query Mode

Author comments

Dan Volitich is president and owner of John Daniel Associates, an Accredited IBM Cognos Service Partner which he co-founded in 1996 to serve the BI market. John Daniel designs, develops, and deploys enterprise-wide IBM Cognos reporting and analysis solutions for Fortune and mid-market companies, and is considered a technical leader with Cognos Accredited Partner status. Dan has over 20 years in the BI industry.

Gerard Ruppert has been with John Daniel Associates since April, 2000 and has over 15 years experience in the BI industry. He has delivered successful data warehouse and BI solutions with his significant experience with the IBM Cognos suite of tools to both large enterprise and mid-market clients.

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