Frontiers in Antennas: Next Generation Design & Engineering

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December 1, 2010


Electronic book text, 512 pages

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007163794X / 9780071637947

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Main description

Edited by one of the world’s foremost authorities on smart antennas, this is the most modern technical text on antenna design and engineering.

Frontiers in Antennas covers the latest advances in antenna design and engineering. Each chapter explores a different unique and modern antenna technology, including: plasma antennas, fractal antennas, fractal arrays, Vivaldi arrays, fragmented patch arrays, smart antennas, artificial impedance surfaces (or EBG structures), metamaterial antennas, genetic/neural network/ant colony optimized antennas, reconfigurable antennas, fabric/body worn antennas, small antennas, leaky wave antennas, and recent advances in EM modeling codes. Each chapter is written by a global leading expert and the book is edited by Dr. Frank Gross, contributor to the Antenna Engineering Handbook and one of the world’s foremost authorities on smart antennas.

Frontiers in Antennas:

  • Is the first compilation of cutting-edge, modern antenna developments and the first book to cover plasma antennas
  • Features contributions from global experts in the field
  • Offers relevant Matlab code examples free for download

Cutting-edge coverage of modern antennas technology:
Ultra-wideband Arrays; Smart Antennas; Vivaldi Arrays; Fragmented Patch Arrays; Artificial Magnetic Conductors/High Impedance Surfaces; Metamaterial Antennas; Biological Antenna Design; Reconfigurable Antennas; Fabric/Body Worn Antennas; Small Antennas; Leaky Wave Antennas; Plasma Antennas; Recent Advances in Antenna Modeling Codes

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Ultra-wideband Arrays; Chapter 2. Smart Antennas; Chapter 3. Vivaldi Arrays; Chapter 4. Fragmented Patch Arrays; Chapter 5. Artificial Magnetic Conductors/High Impedance Surfaces; Chapter 6. Metamaterial Antennas; Chapter 7. Biological Antenna Design; Chapter 8. Reconfigurable Antennas; Chapter 9. Fabric/Body Worn Antennas; Chapter 10. Small Antennas; Chapter 11. Leaky Wave Antennas; Chapter 12. Plasma Antennas; Chapter 13. Recent Advances in Antenna Modeling Codes

Author comments

Frank B. Gross, Ph.D., served as a professor in Electrical Engineering at the Florida State University for 18 years, teaching and performing research in antennas, radar, sonar, microwave engineering, energy conversion, propagation, and electromagnetics. He earned an award as the Tau Beta Pi Teacher of the Year. Dr. Gross worked with the MITRE Corporation, Georgia Tech Research Institute, SAIC, and is currently a senior scientist at Argon ST. He has more than 35 years of experience in radar, smart antennas, electromagnetics, antenna design, and propagation. Dr. Gross wrote Smart Antennas for Wireless Communications with Matlab and contributed to Antenna Engineering Handbook, Fourth Edition.

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