Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide, Second Edition

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January 20, 2006


Electronic book text, 803 pages


0071501746 / 9780071501743

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Main description

  • Provides detailed and advanced configuration information for all Access Suite components
  • Covers every installation option and provides in-depth technical information on custom installations
  • Covers the implementation of all four database options: IBM, SQL Server, Oracle, and Access

Table of contents

Part I: An Introduction to Citrix Access SuiteChapter 1: Introduction to Citrix Access Suite and ComponentsChapter 2: Server Configuration Design and RecommendationsChapter 3: Independent Management ArchitectureChapter 4: Data Store Design and RecommendationsChapter 5: Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 DeploymentChapter 6: Novell Directory Services IntegrationChapter 7: Advanced Access ControlChapter 8: Password ManagerChapter 9: Conferencing ManagerChapter 10: Security Issues and GuidelinesPart II: Access Suite: Administration, Maintenance, and TroubleshootingChapter 11: Application Publishing and DeploymentChapter 12: Advanced Multimedia, CPU and Memory Optimization, and Virtual IP AddressingChapter 13: Printer ManagementChapter 14: Farm MaintenanceChapter 15: Password Manager AdministrationChapter 16: Tuning and OptimizationsChapter 17: Presentation Server TroubleshootingChapter 18: Troubleshooting the Other Access Suite ProductsChapter 19: Disaster Recovery Planning and ConfigurationPart III: AppendicesAPPENDIX A: ERROR MESSAGESAPPENDIX B: REGISTERED CITRIX PORTSAPPENDIX C: FILES, FOLDER LOCATIONS, AND REGISTRY ENTRIES FOR THE PRESENTATION SERVER CLIENT FOR 32-BIT WINDOWSAPPENDIX D: TESTED HARDWAREAPPENDIX E: CITRIX PRESENTATION SERVER 4.0 FOR MICROSOFT WINDOWS SERVER 2003 x64 EDITIONINDEX

Author comments

Steve Kaplan is president of AccessFlow, and also runs By the Bell, an ROI consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations assess the value of implementing enterprise access platforms. He is co-author of Citrix Access Suite for Windows Server 2003: The Official Guide (McGraw-Hill/Osborne).

Andy Jones is an industry expert in Access Infrastructure and technologies surrounding and supporting the solution. He is currently an area service director for MTM Technologies, the premier Citrix Platinum reseller in North America.

Back cover copy


Install, configure, and deploy Citrix Access Suite 4 on any platform with help from this expert guide. Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide covers both the technical and business requirements for implementing a Citrix access platform capable of accommodating thousands of users running desktop applications from central datacenters. You'll find in-depth analyses of the three Citrix Access Suite components -- Citrix Presentation Server, Citrix Access Gateway, and Citrix Password Manager. Advanced techniques for troubleshooting, optimization, tuning, and security are included.

  • Deploy Citrix Presentation Server across a large enterprise successfully
  • Meet bandwidth requirements for Independent Management Architecture (IMA) communication
  • Use Novell Directory Services with Citrix Presentation Server, Web Interface, and the Presentation Server Win32 Client
  • Gain insights from Citrix eLabs server load and capacity and integration testing
  • Implement server and client security measures
  • Enable advanced access control with Citrix Access Gateway
  • Maximize the capabilities of Citrix Password Manager and Citrix Conferencing Manager
  • Publish and deploy application packages with Installation Manager
  • Tune, optimize, and troubleshoot Citrix Presentation Server
  • Plan for and handle disaster recovery

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