Mechanics of Asphalt: Microstructure and Micromechanics (e-book)

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September 17, 2010


Online resource, 464 pages


0071640975 / 9780071640978


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Main description

A state-of-the-art sourcebook for solving engineering problems in the mix design, construction, and evaluation of asphalt pavements

Written by an internationally renowned expert on asphalt mechanics, this authoritative guide equips you with the latest tools for solving a wide range of engineering problems in the mix design, construction methods, and performance evaluation of today's asphalt pavements.

Using 150 illustrations and international units throughout, Mechanics of Asphalt fully enables readers to design and analyze flexible pavements and perform forensic studies…use simulation techniques to adjust and control construction quality…achieve the best possible mix designs…and access innovative approaches in research and development. The book covers the fundamentals of asphalt properties and characterization…constitutive modeling & model calibration…computational techniques…multiscale and coupled phenomena…and applications of advanced modeling and simulation.

Table of contents

Fundamentals of Asphalt Properties andCharacterization Constitutive Modeling & Model CalibrationComputational TechniquesMultiscale and Coupled PhenomenaApplications of Advanced Modeling and Simulation

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