The New Kayak Shop: More Elegant Wooden Kayaks Anyone Can Build

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October 25, 2000


Paperback, 194 pages


0071357866 / 9780071357869


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Main description

From coast to coast, home boatbuilders have turned to Chris Kulczycki for everything they needed to know about making their own kayaks from high-grade marine plywood and epoxy. In The Kayak Shop, a long-time popular standard, Kulczycki provided explicit directions and plans for building three sea kayaks: a high-performance single, an expedition single, and a touring double. The New Kayak Shop details three new Kulczycki designs that are more elegant and even more suitable for today’s paddlers. The building instructions are also updated, with new sections on paint and varnish, seat construction, power tools, computer programs for amateur designers, and tips on building multi-chine and round-bottom boats. The New Kayak Shop offers the best, most refined designs and building methods in a single, accessible volume.

Table of contents

AcknowledgmentsIntroductionChapter 1. The Wooden KayakChapter 2. The DesignChapter 3. The ToolsChapter 4. The MaterialsChapter 5. The PlansChapter 6. Making the Hull PanelsChapter 7. Stitch-and-Glue BasicsChapter 8. Assembling the HullChapter 9. Installing the DeckChapter 10. The Coaming, Hip Braces, Hatches, and FootbracesChapter 11. Installing Rudders and SkegsChapter 12. FinishingChapter 13. Fitting OutChapter 14. More DesignsResource AppendixMetric Conversion TableIndex

Author comments

Chris Kulczycki has designed and built wooden kayaks and canoes for more than a dozen years. He founded Chesapeake Light Craft and has written numerous articles for SAIL, Sea Kayaker, Cruising World, Ocean Navigator, and Fine Woodworking.

Back cover copy

"Recommended reading for anyone contemplating going paddling in a kayak of their own creation."--Sea Kayaker, on The Kayak Shop

With the publication of The Kayak Shop in 1993, master builder Chris Kulczycki helped launch a popular revolution in kayak building. But he didn't stop there. Kulczycki's boats just keep getting better--easier to build and more beautiful to behold.

In The New Kayak Shop paddlers will find plans and instructions for building and finishing three new stitch-and-glue designs--a touring kayak, a fast sea kayak, and a flatwater kayak--that are even more elegant, durable, and functional than their forerunners. Chris Kulczycki's highly refined designs and simple building methods offer kayakers not only the experience of paddling an extraordinary boat but also the rare reward of having built it.

Praise for The Kayak Shop

"Here's the book you've been looking for. . . . If you're considering building your own kayak, before you do anything else--buy this book!"--Florida Sea Kayaking Association

"This book should prove to be one of the standards on boat building that will be on every small boat builder's bookshelf."--Upper Midwest Kayak Touring News

"This is a very useful book, clearly written, well illustrated, fully explanatory. . . . You will be sold on building your own wood kayak."--Atlantic Coastal Kayaker

Chris Kulczycki unfolds the basics and nitty-gritty of design, materials, tools, and plans. . . . Should encourage a lot of people to make the go-for-it decision."--Southern Maine Sea Kayaking Network

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