The Amazing Lives of Plants: The Reproductive Lives of Mosses, Pines, Ferns, Flowers, and Leaves CD-ROM

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January 19, 2005


CD-ROM, pages


0072940476 / 9780072940473


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Main description

The Amazing Lives of Plants includes five independent segments: "Mosses," "Ferns," "Pines," "Flowers", and "Leaves." Their reproductive lives are presented in a vivid, full-color combination of live video footage and sharp animation. Each of these segments begins with a general introduction that includes a description of the reproductive parts of the plant. The author uses a representative example from each group. For instance, a lily was chosen to illustrate “Flowers.” The video then takes the viewer through the stages of reproduction. Subtitled text makes it easy to cue up for use in lecture, and the pace of the video is suitable for students taking notes. Finally, each segment ends with a general summary about the importance of the mechanisms of reproduction in that particular group. Available on CD-ROM or DVD.

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