Economic Botany: Plants in our World

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December 20, 2000


Hardback, 544 pages


0072909382 / 9780072909388


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Main description

Written for the introductory-level course in Economic Botany, this edition offers more emphasis on key topics like biotechnology and ethnobotany.

Table of contents

1 Plants and Their Manipulation by People2 Origins of Agriculture3 Fruits and Nuts of Temperate Regions4 Fruits and Nuts of Warm Regions5 Cereal Grains and Forage Grasses6 Legumes7 Foods from Leaves, Stems, and Roots8 Spices, Herbs, and Perfumes9 Vegetable Oils and Waxes10 Hydrogels, Elastic Latexes, and Resins11 Medicinal Plants12 Psychoactive Drugs and Poisons from Plants13 Stimulating Beverages14 Alcoholic Beverages15 Fibers, Dyes, and Tannins16 Wood, Cork, and Bamboo17 Ornamental Plants18 Algae19 Uses of Plants in the Future

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