Laboratory Manual for Applied Botany

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July 16, 2001


Spiral bound, 272 pages


0072465484 / 9780072465488


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Main description

Science education is experiencing a revitalization, as it is recognized that science should be accessible to everyone, not just society’s future scientists. One way to make the study of science more substantive to the non-major is to require a laboratory component for all science courses. The subject of applied botany with its emphasis on the practical aspects of plant science, the authors believe, will be appealing to the non-major as it exemplifies how a basic science can be applied to problem solving. Laboratory Manual for Applied Botany will make students realize that the study of plants is relevant to their lives and that they can participate in the discovery process of science. Although the manual includes much of the basic plant anatomy found in standard botany manuals, it differs in taking a practical approach, examining those plants and plant products that have sustained or affected human society.

Table of contents

1 Cells of Crystal and Color2 Cell Division and Cloning3 Plant Tissues-The Fabrics of Our Lives4 Plant Architecture5 Plants Do It All-Photosynthesis, Respiration, and Transpiration6 Say It With Flowers7 Fleshy Fruits and Flying Seeds8 Genetic Diversity of Our Food9 Algae-From Diversity to Dessert10 Your Piece of the Sun11 Leaves of Grass12 The Lowdown on Legumes13 Food from Underground and Far Away14 The Spice of Life15 The Beauty of Wood16 Bioprospecting for Medicinal Plants17 Bioactive Drugs in Action18 The Fungus Among UsAppendix A Science as a ProcessAppendix B Field Trip to a Health Food StoreAppendix C A Taster's Sampler of Caffeine Beverages and FoodsAppendix D Notes to Instructors

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