Appleton & Lange Outline Review: Clinical Chemistry

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March 23, 2001


Paperback, 528 pages


0070318476 / 9780070318472


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Main description

This is the first book in a series that serves the dual purpose of preparing students of CLS programs for certification exams and giving cross training skills to established clinical lab scientists who now find themselves called on to work in other areas of the lab. This book uses a building block approach to convey the material in a logical fashion. Starting with an overview of medicine and the medical laboratory's relationship, the text proceeds to the diagnostic value of those analytes normally associated with clinical chemistry, on to technologies of analysis, quality assurance, and statistical analysis of laboratory data. A&L Outline Review of Clinical Chemistry makes it easy to optimize your study sessions and use your time efficiently, and helps you quickly locate key concepts. This PREP guide provides pretests to help you identify areas for extra attention, and gives you what you need to know in an easy-to-remember format, packed with study-enhancing devices such as illustrations and learning objectives.

Table of contents

Part I: Classic Analytes. Chapter 1: Carbohydrates. Chapter 2: Lipids and Lipoproteins. Chapter 3: Amino Acids and Proteins. Chapter 4: Clinical Enzymology. Chapter 5: Metabolic Analytes. Chapter 6: Critical Care Analytes. Chapter 7: Endocrine Function. Chapter 8: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. Chapter 9: Toxicology. Chapter 10: Disease-Specific Analytes. Part II: Instrumentation and Analytical Techniques. Chapter 11: Photometric and Electrochemical Measurements. Chapter 12: Immunoassay. Chapter 13: Separation Techniques. Chapter 14: Molecular Diagnostics. Chapter 15: Automation and Computerization. Part III: Laboratory Operations. Chapter 16: Calculations and Statistical Analyses. Chapter 17: Method Evaluation. Chapter 18: Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Chapter 19: Regulatory Issues for the Clinical Laboratory. Chapter 20: Management and Supervision.

Back cover copy

The Outline Review that delivers...
* Quickly locate key concepts
* Identify areas for extra attention
* Rapid-access format facilitates efficient study
* Includes valuable illustrations and learning objectives

The most complete and effective review of clinical chemistry available
* Introductory outlines, objectives, and pretests
* Self-test questions for evaluating strengths and weaknesses
* Many CLS-type multiple-choice questions
* Ideal review for courses and the CLS exam

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