The Survival Guide to Journalism

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August 1, 2010


Paperback, 136 pages


0335237851 / 9780335237852


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Main description

"This is brilliant! A must-read for anyone thinking about going into journalism or already there. The recurring Q&A style is really helpful - the author really did pre-empt all my various questions. As someone who is deciding whether to go into journalism or not - this is the only book I have come across so far which has actually been helpful and fun to read at the same time. What I liked best is that the book is fun without being patronising - a lot of journo books are stuffy, outdated or intimidating. Importantly it tackles all the current issues about journalism becoming multi-platform, with advice on blogging etc.And although encouraging, it is realistic enough to make sure you don't see journalism through rose-tinted glasses - it really made me think hard about whether I would survive as a journalist. I would definitely recommend this to anyone thinking of starting out or starting out in journalism - it's essentially a journalism course in a nutshell!"
Katherine Lough

"The best bit about this book, as opposed to others about journalism (of which there are many), is that it is written in a friendly and non-intimidating style. As a journalism student I have spent many hours poring over books that judge me for wanting to write about the 'soft stuff', whereas Synge actually gives tips on how to break into celebrity gossip or arts reviewing. The advice sections from real working journalists in different sectors and publications are really helpful, as they give a (realistic!) insight into the profession and hold up all the best bits, while conveying the disadvantages to life as a scribe. Synge's tips and hints are relevant, especially the bits about online journalism and how journalists have to be multi-skilled today. What I found most interesting was the chapters on freelancing ... Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone hoping to be a journalist, studying to be a journalist or working as a journalist."
H Stuart

This essential survival manual to print and online media journalism explores the personal qualities and skills needed to break into this exciting but often uncertain field. It considers the current state of expanding media, routes into the industry, and the pros and cons of being a staff journalist or freelance.

Helpful coverage includes:

  • Practical hands-on advice on news and feature writing plus specialist areas such as profile writing, reviewing and blogging
  • Useful tips and advice from top working professionals
  • Up-to-date information on where the best opportunities are
  • Exercises, easy-to-follow checklists and short Q&A sessions
The author draws on his own extensive experience in the field and suggests useful links to organisations that specialise in helping aspiring journalists to survive through those difficult first months and years.

The Survival Guide to Journalism is an essential reference for any aspiring journalist. It will be key reading for journalism students and anyone interested in making a living through their writing and editorial skills.

Table of contents

So you want to be a journalist?
Who are you going to write for?
What are you going to write about?
Writing it up
Profiles and celebrity stories
Reporting the news
Specialising to survive
Online and beyond
Going it alone
Going to alone II

Useful Contacts
Glossary of terms
Recommended reading

Author comments

Dan Synge is a London-based journalist, writer and lecturer. Writing on the arts, business, travel, lifestyle and technology, he has contributed to a number of national newspapers and consumer magazines including The Guardian, Financial Times, Daily Telegraph and Esquire. He is currently a visiting lecturer at City University, UK.

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