Complete Catalan: A Teach Yourself Guide

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January 31, 2011


Paperback, 336 pages


0071760660 / 9780071760669


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Main description

It's easy to teach yourself Catalan!

Complete Catalan: A Teach Yourself Guide provides you with a clear and comprehensive approach to Catalan, so you can progress quickly from the basics to understanding, speaking, and writing Catalan with confidence.

Within each of the 24 thematic chapters, important language structures are introduced through life-like dialogues. You'll learn grammar in a gradual manner so you won't be overwhelmed by this tricky subject. Exercises accompany the texts and reinforce learning in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This program also features current cultural information boxes that reflect recent changes in society.


  • One and five-minute introductions to key principles to get you started
  • Lots of instant help with common problems and quick tips for success, based on the author's many years of experience
  • Tests in the book and online to keep track of your progress
  • Extra online articles at to give you a richer understanding of the basics of the language

    Table of contents

    Introduction and Pronunciation guide / Unit 1 Benvingut! Welcome! / Greetings and introductions / Attracting someone’s attention / Where are you from? / Unit 2 On vius? Where do you live? / Introducing other people / Exchanging personal details / Talking about your family / Asking and saying where places are (I) / Unit 3 Una cita An appointment / Making an appointment / Telling the time / Making a simple call / Asking and saying where places are (II) / Unit 4 Anem a comprar Let´s go shopping / Talking about opening and closing times / Asking the price and paying for purchases / Talking about quantities / Unit 5 Què fas? What are you doing? / Asking and saying what you are doing now / Talking about your daily routine / Saying how often / Unit 6 Al restaurant At the restaurant / Talking about preferences / Ordering meals and drinks / Asking for and giving suggestions / Catalan food / Unit 7 Els transports Transport / Booking a train or plane ticket / Expressing your opinions / Making simple comparisons / Unit 8 De vacances On holidays / Booking a room in a hotel / Identifying different kinds of accommodation / Hiring a car / Unit 9 Gira a la dreta Turn right / Identifying public places in a city / Asking for and giving directions / Giving instructions and distances / Unit 10 Vaig néixer a Eivissa I was born in Ibiza / Talking about things from the past / Talking about how long an event lasted / Personal information / Unit 11 Quin vestit més bonic! What a nice dress! / Describing clothes in a shop / Talking about sizes and fit / Describing people (appearance) / Unit 12 Festa major Local festivities / Talking about events in a recent past / Talking about events or accidents in the city / Enjoying a town festival / Unit 13 Treball i temps lliure Work and spare time / Talking about jobs / Obligations, responsibilities and activities in a job (Internet) / Talking about spare-time activities / Unit 14 Una entrevista An interview / Talking about your professional experience / Asking and saying what someone has to do / Giving and asking for instructions (II) / On the telephone (II) / Unit 15 Demà plourà! Tomorrow it's going to rain! / Expressing events in the future / Duration of things (II) / Talking about the weather / Unit 16 Busco pis I am looking for a flat / Asking for information in an agency / Inspecting a property / Explaining how something works (household appliances) / Describing things (material, weight, size...) / Unit 17 No em trobo bé I don’t feel very well / First Aid / At the surgery / Talking about the human body / Physical and emotional sensations / Unit 18 Era millor abans The good old days / Comparing past and present times / Explaining how something was in the past / Preferences (II) / The media / Key to exercises / Catalan-English Vocabulary / English-Catalan Vocabulary / Grammar summary / Taking it further / Index

    Author comments

    Anna Poch Gasau is a native speaker and an experienced teacher of Catalan to adults. She has been teaching at universities and schools in France and England since 1996. Alan Yates is former Professor of Catalan Studies at the University of Sheffield and has recently received a prize for his services to the teaching of Catalan.

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