Practice Makes Perfect German Pronouns and Prepositions, Second Edition

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February 18, 2011


Electronic book text, 208 pages

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0071753842 / 9780071753845

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Table of contents

Introduction; Pronouns; Chapter 1. Pronouns in the Nominative Case; Chapter 2. Pronouns and Gender; Chapter 3. Pronouns in the Accusative Case; Chapter 4. Pronouns in the Dative Case; Chapter 5. Pronouns in Prepositional Phrases; Chapter 6. Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns in the Same Sentence; Chapter 7. Possessive Pronouns; Chapter 8. Einer / Keiner and Interrogatives Used as Pronouns; Chapter 9.

Author comments

Author Profile
Ed Swick has taught ESL for 30 years. He is the author of Practice Makes Perfect: English Grammar for ESL Learners and Practice Makes Perfect: English Sentence Builder.


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