CMOS Nanoelectronics: Analog and RF VLSI Circuits

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July 19, 2011


Hardback, 704 pages

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0071755659 / 9780071755658


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Main description

In-depth coverage of integrated circuit design on the nanoscale level

Written by international experts in industry and academia, CMOS Nanoelectronics addresses the state of the art in integrated circuit design in the context of emerging systems. New, exciting opportunities in body area networks, wireless communications, data networking, and optical imaging are discussed. This cutting-edge guide explores emerging design concepts for very low power and describes design approaches for RF transceivers, high-speed serial links, PLL/DLL, and ADC/DAC converters.

CMOS Nanoelectronics covers:

  • Portable high-efficiency polar transmitters
  • All-digital RF signal generation
  • Frequency multiplier design
  • Tunable CMOS RF filters
  • GaAs HBT linear power amplifier design
  • High-speed serial I/O design
  • CDMA-based crosstalk cancellation
  • Delta-sigma fractional-N PLL
  • Delay locked loops
  • Digital clock generators
  • Analog design in deep submicron CMOS technologies
  • 1/f noise reduction for linear analog CMOS ICs
  • Broadband high-resolution bandpass sigma-delta modulators
  • Analog/digital conversion specifications for power line communication systems
  • Digital-to-analog converters for LCDs
  • Sub-1-V CMOS bandgap reference design
  • And much more

Table of contents

Part 1: RF Circuits
Chapter 1. Analog nanometer CMOS Circuits
Chapter 2. Design of Transceivers with Passive Mixers
Chapter 3. Design of Portable High-Efficiency Polar Transmitters for Broadband Wireless Applications Using the Envelope-Tracking Technique
Chapter 4. All-Digital RF Signal Generation
Chapter 5. Frequency Multiplier Design: Techniques and Applications
Chapter 6. Tunable CMOS RF Filters
Chapter 7. Power Mixer for CMOS Power Amplifier
Chapter 8. GaAs HBT Linear Power Amplifier Design for Wireless Communications
Part 2: High-Speed Circuits
Chapter 9. High-Speed Serial I/O Design for Channel-Limited and Power-Constrained Systems
Chapter 10. CDMA-Based Crosstalk Cancellation Technique for High-Speed Chip-to-Chip Communication
Chapter 11. Equalization Techniques for High-Speed Serial Data
Chapter 12. ∑ Fractional-N Phase-Locked Loop
Chapter 13. Design and Applications of Delay-Locked Loops
Chapter 14. Digital Clock Generators Used for Nanometer Processors and Memories
Part 3: High-Precision Circuits
Chapter 15. Gain Enhancement and Low-Voltage Techniques for Analog Circuits in Deep Submicrometer CMOS
Chapter 16. Complementary Switched MOSFET Architecture for Low-Frequency Noise Reduction in Linear Analog CMOS ICs
Chapter 17. Broadband High-Resolution 200 MHz Bandpass Sigma-Delta Modulator with a Software-Based Calibration Scheme
Chapter 18. Analog-to-Digital Conversion Specifications for Power Line Communication Systems
Chapter 19. Digital-to-Analog Converters for LCDs
Chapter 20. Sub-1-V CMOS Bandgap Reference Design Techniques: An Overview

Author comments

Krzysztof (Kris) Iniewski, Ph.D., manages R&D development at Redlen Technologies Inc., a start-up company in British Columbia, and is also Executive Director of CMOS Emerging Technologies Inc. ( From 2004 to 2006 he was Associate Professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Alberta, where he conducted research on low power wireless circuits and systems. Iniewski has published over 100 research papers and holds 18 international patents. He is the author of Nanoelectronics.

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