The Healthy PC: Preventive Care, Home Remedies, and Green Computing, 2nd Edition

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November 15, 2011


Electronic book text, 288 pages

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0071752927 / 9780071752923

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Main description

The latest techniques for keeping your PC running at peak performance—without spending a lot of money!

Written by the co-host of the longest-running, nationally syndicated radio talk show on computers, “Computer America”, The Healthy PC, Second Edition shows you how to maintain your PC’s performance and prevent problems before they happen. Using easy-to-follow steps and clear instructions, the book teaches you how to keep your computer in top condition, diagnose and fix common problems, and improve overall performance. No prior experience or knowledge is needed!

Get tips on saving money with free, quality software and free tech support websites. The author developed his approach to teaching computer maintenance skills out of more than 20 years of PC repair experience and talking with thousands of customers about their questions and concerns. Learn from the expert!

The Healthy PC, Second Edition

  • Provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions with illustrations
  • Shows you how to be proactive with preventive maintenance and how to detect problems before they happen
  • Features clear and concise language that makes computer terms and concepts easy to understand
  • Recommends the best free software and tech support websites that can save you thousands of dollars

Practical, in-depth coverage:
Upgrading Your Operating System; 32-bit vs. 64-bit; The Internet; How to Surf Safely; E-mail, Spam, and Hoaxes; Optimizing Your Internet Connection; Preventive Maintenance; System Optimization Tips & Tricks; Other Ways to Increase System Performance; Backing Up Your Computer; Computer Security; Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, and Firewalls

Table of contents

Part I Preventive Maintenance
Chapter 1 System Optimization Tips & Tricks
Chapter 2 Other Ways to Increase System Performance
Chapter 3 Backing Up Your Computer
Part II Computer Security
Chapter 4 Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, and Firewalls
Chapter 5 E-mail, Spam, and Hoaxes
Chapter 6 Passwords
Part III The Internet
Chapter 7 The Dangers of WiFi
Chapter 8 How to Surf Safely
Chapter 9 Optimizing Your Internet Connection
Part IV Operating Systems
Chapter 10 Upgrading Your Operating System
Chapter 11 32-bit vs. 64-bit: What Does It Mean and Why Should You Care?
Appendix A What to Do When Things Go Wrong
Appendix B Free Technical Support
Appendix C Computer User Groups
Appendix D 50 Safe and Free Software Utilities Recommended by Steve Bass
Appendix E Safe and Free Software Recommended by Mr. Modem

Author comments

Guy Hart-Davis is the author of more than 70 computer books, including iPad and iPhone Administrator’s Guide, Integrating Macs into Windows Networks, Mac OS X System Administration, and How to Do Everything: iPhone, iPod, and iTunes, Fifth Edition.

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