Run Your Diesel Vehicle on Biofuels

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November 10, 2008


Electronic book text, 288 pages


0071600442 / 9780071600446

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Main description

A heavily illustrated guide that shows how to convert any car to run on vegetable oil or biodiesel

Run Your Car on Biodiesel shows you how to run your automobiles on a carbon-neutral fuel, which, in many cases, can be obtained for free. The book explains the basics of converting vegetable oils to biodiesel… describes how to build and properly use a home-made biodiesel reactor… and demonstrates how to run a vehicle on waste vegetable oil available at no cost from many fast food outlets.

Filled with over 150 detailed illustrations, this cutting-edge resource presents money-saving projects on collecting waste oil… building a waste oil processor… making your own biodiesel fuel… converting your car professionally… making a heat exchanger… and more. The reference includes an international list of parts and index of suppliers, information about the warranty status of vehicles pending conversion to biodiesel, and links to manufacturers' statements regarding the use of the fuel.

Table of contents

1. History of the Diesel Engine2. How Does A Diesel Engine Work?3. What is in a name?4. Why Bio fuels? (Climate change, energy security, emissions, etc.)5. Where to get your main raw ingredient—vegetable oil (WVO and SV))6. Theory—fuel modification (Chemistry, Making your first bio diesel, Scaling it up; bio diesel processors – both home-made and commercial)7. Theory—engine modification (What conversion kits are out there; Assembling your own conversion 'kit', valves, tanks, heat exchangers)8. Other options (blends, emulsions, and thinners)9. Waste Oil (Collecting, Processing, what to do with leftovers)10. The Law and Regulations11. Health and Safety (Methanol, explosions, poisons, disposal of waste)12. Why Bio fuels will not save the Earth, and what we can do about it

Author comments

Jon Starbuck (Machynlleth, Wales) has converted several vehicles to run on vegetable oil and has written web sites and taught courses on the subject of vegetable oil and biodiesel. He has a BSc. Physics from the University of Kent and is currently pursuing a Masters in Renewable Energy Systems Technology at Loughborough University. He worked and taught at the Centre For Alternative Technology for five years. Gavin D. J. Harper (Essex, UK) is author of 50 Awesome Auto Projects for the Evil Genius, Build Your Own Car PC, 50 Model Rocket Projects for the Evil Genius & Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius. He has just completed a BSc. (with honors) Technology with the Open University, and an MSc. Architecture: Advanced Environmental & Energy Studies. Gavin will shortly be a research student at WISE Research, an alliance between the Centre for Alternative Technology and the University of East London. He holds an RYA Diesel Engine Servicing Certificate, and is a Ph.D. candidate in the Social, Political, and Economic Impacts of Alternative Vehicles and Fuels at the Business Responsibility, Accountability, Sustainability & Society Research Centre at Cardiff University, under Cardiff Business School.

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