Microsoft Excel 2007: A Professional Approach

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June 13, 2007


Spiral bound, 832 pages


0073519219 / 9780073519210


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Main description

The Professional Approach Series is designed for students unfamiliar with the Microsoft Office Suite, or even students who are nervous about trying to learn computer skills. It is ideal for students who are new to the world of computers, yet in-depth enough to teach and challenge more savvy users. Each lesson contains up to 25 skill-applications and 5 end-of-unit skill-applications that take students from simple to complex situations. The Office 2007 texts complete instruction in all skill sets and activities for the appropriate MCAS Exams.

Table of contents

UNIT 1 - Introduction to ExcelLesson 1 – Getting Started with Excel Lesson 2 – Creating a WorkbookLesson 3 – Using Editing and Style ToolsLesson 4 – Exploring Home Tab CommandsUNIT 2 - Working with Formulas and FunctionsLesson 5 – Exploring Formula BasicsLesson 6 – Working with FunctionsLesson 7 – Using Logical and Financial FunctionsLesson 8 – Rounding and Nesting FunctionsUNIT 3 - Enhancing Worksheet AppearanceLesson 9 – Building ChartsLesson 10 – Inserting ShapesLesson 11 – Using Images and SmartArt GraphicsUNIT 4 - Expanding Uses of Workbook DataLesson 12 – Using 3-D ReferencesLesson 13 – Working with TablesLesson 14 – Using Named Ranges and Structured ReferencesUNIT 5 - Auditing, Analyzing, and Consolidating DataLesson 15 – Using Auditing ToolsLesson 16 – Using What-if AnalysisLesson 17 – Consolidating and Linking WorkbooksUNIT 6 - Exploring Data and Table FeaturesLesson 18 – Using External Data SourcesLesson 19 – Exploring List RangesLesson 20 – Using Data Tables and PivotTablesUNIT 7 - Exploring Macros, Template, and WorkgroupsLesson 21 – Working with MacrosLesson 22 – Using TemplatesLesson 23 – Using Workgroup Features

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