Wireless Network Security A Beginners Guide

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April 15, 2012


Electronic book text, 400 pages


0071760954 / 9780071760959

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Main description

Practical, hands-on instruction for securing wireless networks

Wireless Network Security: A Beginner's Guide is an implementation guide to the basics of wireless technologies: how to design and use today's technologies to add wireless capabilities into an existing LAN and ensure secure communications between users, wireless devices, and sensitive data while keeping budgets and security in the forefront. Featuring real-world scenarios and instruction from a veteran network administrator, this book shows you how to develop, implement, and maintain secure wireless networks. There are many established protocols and standards for communications and security—expert author Brock Pearson shows how to deploy them correctly for best security practices.

Wireless Network Security: A Beginner's Guide features:

  • Chapter Objectives: List of topics covered in the chapter
  • Prevention Techniques: Proactive process improvement measures for avoiding attacks and preventing vulnerabilities from emerging
  • Hands-On Practice: Short, “try-it-yourself” exercises in which the reader is led through a series of steps to create a simple program or event
  • Ask the Security Guru: Q&A sections filled with bonus information and helpful tips
  • Checklists: A summary in checklist format at the end of each chapter that lists the important tasks discussed in the chapter
  • On Budget: Highlighted sections help optimize and leverage existing security processes and technologies to align with budget needs.
  • Real-world scenarios of implementations of wireless technologies into corporate environments
  • Details on wireless technologies, including 802.11b, 802.11g, Bluetooth, long-range wireless, and WiFi

Easy-to-follow coverage:
Introduction to Wireless Networking; Existing Wireless Networking Protocols; Existing Wireless Security Algorithms; Building a Budget and Strategy for Wireless Capabilities; Wireless Strategies for Existing Environments; Wireless Strategies for New Environment; Tracking and Maintaining Budgets; Implementing Wireless Access into Existing Environments; Implementing Wireless Access into New Environments; Detecting Intrusions on Wireless Networks; Ensuring Secure Wireless/Wired Connections; Updating Wireless Access Point Configurations

Table of contents

Part I: Wireless Networking
Chapter 1: Introduction to Wireless Networking
Chapter 2: Existing wireless networking protocols
Chapter 3: Existing wireless security algorithms

Part II: Developing a Strategy for a Wireless Network
Chapter 4: Building a Budget and Strategy for Wireless Capabilities
Chapter 5: Wireless Strategies for Existing Environments
Chapter 6: Wireless Strategies for New Environment

Part III: Implementing a Wireless Network
Chapter 7: Tracking and Maintaining Budgets
Chapter 8: Implementing Wireless Access into Existing Environments
Chapter 9: Implementing Wireless Access into New Environments

Part IV: Securing and Maintaining Wireless Networks
Chapter 10: Detecting Intrusions on Wireless Networks
Chapter 11: Ensuring Secure Wireless/Wired Connections
Chapter 12: Updating Wireless Access Point Configurations

Author comments

Tyler Wrightson, CISSP, CCSP, MCSE, is the founder and president of Leet Systems and Frigdo.com. Leet Systems was founded in 2008 and provides next generation security services. Tyler is currently a Senior Security Consultant for Integralis Inc. where he specializes in offensive security engagements, penetration testing and physical security assessments. Tyler has over ten years experience in the IT security field with extensive experience deploying and securing wireless networks. Tyler also has many industry certifications including etc. Tyler has also taught classes for the CCNA, wireless security and network security. Follow his security blog at http://blog.leetsys.com

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