Oracle CRM On Demand Combined Analyses

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November 1, 2010


Electronic book text, 176 pages

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0071745394 / 9780071745390

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Main description

From Oracle Press--a detailed, step-by-step guide to using combined analyses to develop reports within Oracle CRM On Demand

Written by a renowned expert on the topic, Oracle CRM On Demand Combined Analyses provides a detailed and methodical explanation of how and when to use combined analyses within Oracle CRM On Demand. Combined analyses provide a mechanism by which outer joins between tables can be created virtually. This is unique to the CRM On Demand environment, and this book explains the process in detail.

This Oracle Press guide describes the mechanics of creating a combined analysis, while highlighting real-world business cases where a combined analysis is critical to developing an accurate and meaningful report. These case studies for different types of report unions provide a framework for tested and proven usage of the set operators in developing combined reports.

Oracle CRM On Demand Combined Analyses

  • Is written by recognized Oracle CRM On Demand expert who has developed training courses for Oracle
  • Covers a largely undocumented topic area
  • Features real-world case studies throughout

Includes coverage of:
Combined Analyses Basics; Negative (Null) Reporting; Layout Considerations; Result Columns; Filtering Combined Analyses

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Getting Started with Combined Analyses; Chapter 2. Combined Analyses Basics; Chapter 3. Negative (Null) Reporting; Chapter 4. Layout Considerations; Chapter 5. Result Columns; Chapter 6. Filtering Combined Analyses; Appendix: Examples

Author comments

Michael D. Lairson is Manager of Business Intelligence Services with Intelenex, an Oracle partner, and works directly with customers implementing CRM On Demand. He is the author of Oracle CRM On Demand Reporting and is considered the foremost resource for report development and training in Oracle CRM On Demand reporting. Michael previously worked for Siebel Systems/Oracle where he played a key role in the development of the Advanced Analytics Workshop training offered by Oracle.

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