Master Handbook of Acoustics

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May 10, 2009


Electronic book text, 544 pages

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0071603336 / 9780071603331

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Main description

The “bible” of acoustics now completely revised and updated for a new generation of audiophiles

The first four editions of this classic guide were written by the late F. Alton Everest, for many years the leading authority on acoustical principles. Now updated by another sound guru, Ken Pohlmann, the Fifth Edition of Master Handbook of Acoustics shows you how to achieve professional recording results at home, build an audio/video tech room for cutting-edge voice-over recording, control reverberation, interference, noise distortion in the air, and more.

You will find new information on hardware and software tools for performing acoustic measurements, subjective perception of acoustic space, noise control techniques, absorption measurements, and room impulse response measurements. The Fifth Edition also explores room design for surround-sound playback and professional studios, concert hall and auditorium acoustics, and room acoustics measurement and modeling software.

Table of contents

Ch 1. Fundamentals of Sound
Ch 2. Sound Levels and the Decibel
Ch 3. The Ear and the Perception of Sound
Ch 4. Speech, Music, and Noise
Ch 5. Reverberation
Ch 6. Absorption of Sound
Ch 7. Reflection of Sound
Ch 8. Diffraction of Sound
Ch 9. Refraction of Sound
Ch 10. Diffusion of Sound
Ch 11. The Schroeder Diffuser
Ch 12. Modal Resonances in Enclosed Spaces
Ch 13. Sound Reflections in Enclosed Spaces
Ch 14. Adjustable Acoustics
Ch. 14. Control of HVAC Noise
Ch. 15. Control of Interfering Noise
Ch. 16. Recording Studio Acoustics
Ch. 17. Studio Control Room Acoustics
Ch. 18. Audio/Video Tech Room and Voice-Over
Ch. 19 Home Listening Room Acoustics
Ch. 20 Concert Hall Acoustics
Ch. 21 Acoustical Distortion
Ch. 22 Room Acoustics Measurement Software
Ch. 23. Room Optimizer
Ch. 24. Desktop Auralization
Ch. 25. Electro-Acoustic Software for Engineers

Author comments

F. Alton Everest was a Co-founder and Director of the Science Film Production division of the Moody Institute of Science.

Ken C. Pohlmann is a Professor and Chairman of the Music Engineering program at the University of Miami at Coral Gables.

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