Teach Yourself Getting Started in the Second Life World

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January 8, 2009


Paperback, 208 pages


0071602550 / 9780071602556


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Main description

Start your Second Life today!

Written by successful Second Life resort owner, Irie Tsure, this resourceful and comprehensive guide will accompany you on the tricky journey from "newbie" to seasoned resident in the virtual world of Second Life. Intended to cover every skill required to enjoy and prosper within the Second Life experience, the book will follow the development and provide support for a new character from deciding to download the software right through to proficient use of the modeling tools needed to be really creative within Second Life.

Table of contents

What and where is Second Life? (SL)
SL Time (SLT)
The SL Economy
What can I see and do in SL?
What is my AV?
What is my inventory?
Move and explore (maps, landmarks and navigation)
Chat and communicate
Change my appearance
Manage my inventory
Meet other people
Join or create a group
Listen to music
Watch a video
Build and create objects
Design and make clothes
Make a movie
Rent, buy, sell and manage land
Make money
Get a job
Intellectual property rights
Start a business
Get ahead in your new social world
10 tips on SL social etiquette
Glossary for ‘noobs’
Taking it further

Author comments

Irie Tsure is a Second Life avatar running the ‘Irie Vibes’ Reggae nightclub and resort. Her Second Life activities currently create a real life income of several hundred dollars a month.

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