The Musician's Guide to Pro Tools

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September 25, 2007


Electronic book text, 363 pages


0071595902 / 9780071595902

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Main description

"I'd recommend this book to anyone, whether beginner or expert." --From the Foreword by Peter Buck of R.E.M.

"Because everything is explained so concisely, you spend less time wading through pages and more time recording music." --Sound on Sound magazine

"An excellent book for any engineer or home recordist just getting into Pro Tools." --Tape Op magazine

Author comments

John Keane is a producer, engineer, and musician. His studio in Athens, Georgia (, has been host to a variety of artists such as R.E.M., Indigo Girls, the B52s, Widespread Panic, and Cowboy Junkies. John has been involved in the creation of numerous gold and multi-platinum albums and has been working with Pro Tools since 1991.

Back cover copy

Real-world tips, techniques, and shortcuts from a renowned audio professional

Put the power of Pro Tools to work for you with help from this no-nonsense guide. Thoroughly updated to cover the latest software versions, The Musician's Guide to Pro Tools, Second Edition, shows step-by-step how to record, edit, and mix professional-quality music. Learn to configure your computer and hard drive, lay down sizzling audio tracks, create Grid mode and loop-based songs, and tune vocals. Easy-to-follow tutorials in the book and sample projects on the CD-ROM illustrate each point along the way.  Covers Mac and PC versions 7.3.x

  • Record rhythm tracks and overdub instruments and vocals
  • Punch in, edit, trim, slide, and crossfade tracks
  • Mix down using Pro Tools' virtual mixer and third-party plug-ins
  • Correct rushed or dragging drum parts and eliminate rumbles and squeaks
  • Time-align and pitch-correct bass and guitar tracks
  • Build a song using loops, samples, and time compression/expansion
  • Use Grid mode to create a click track and simplify editing
  • Set up multiple headphone mixes for full-band tracking sessions
  • Comp, Auto-Tune, de-ess, and EQ vocal tracks

Ready-to-use sample session files and classroom materials on CD-ROM

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