World Works, Level G: Health, Everyday Things, Law Enforcement

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August 13, 2007


Paperback, pages


0078780209 / 9780078780202


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Main description

Explore how things work through high-interest, engaging informational nonfiction! Improve reading comprehension of informational nonfiction, encourage student inquiry with high-interest topics, and prepare students for high-stakes assessments with the World Works™ series from Jamestown Education.

World Works™ brings the world to life. Each four-color, consumable book of the 6-book series features 9 informational articles focused on how things work. Each unit within a book covers one of the following topics; Everyday Things, Law, Health, Food, Technology, or Nature. All categories are covered at each reading level. Each article answers the question, "How Does it Work?“ Each informational article includes a graph, chart, or diagram, along with an after-reading critical-thinking questions on interpreting charts and graphs.

Table of contents

To the StudentHow to Use This BookUnit One, LAW ENFORCEMENTForensics: What the Clues SayCybercrime: Criminals on the Internet Police Sketch Artists: The Art of Fighting CrimeCompare and ContrastUnit Two, HEALTHAspirin: The Wonder Drug Infectious Diseases: Bugs You Don’t Want to CatchAnthrax: Rare but DeadlyCompare and ContrastUnit Three, EVERYDAY THINGSPlastic: Part of Everyday LifeHybrid Cars: The Drive Toward a SolutionLandfills: Let’s Talk TrashCompare and Contrast

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