Jamestown Signature Reading, Student Edition, Level H

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February 13, 2004


Paperback, pages


0078617243 / 9780078617249


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Main description

Signature Reading is the cornerstone for building a student-centered learning experience -- a nine-level sequential program that uses self-assessments to help readers participate in and evaluate their own learning process. We’ve applied the best res

Table of contents

Level H Student TextHow to Use This BookLESSON 1: "A Mare Called Lucky" by H. J. Hutchins
Making PredictionsLESSON 2: "The Parcel Post Kid" by Michael O. Tunnell
Following SequenceLESSON 3: "Mother and Daughter" by Gary Soto
Drawing Conclusions About CharactersLESSON 4: "Bears" by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Reading NonfictionLESSON 5: "A Greenland Rope Trick" by K. C. Tessendorf
Mapping Story ElementsLearning New WordsLESSON 6: "The Mysterious Treasure of Oak Island" by Seymour Simon
Following SequenceLESSON 7: "Raining Rocks?" by Patricia Lauber
Outlining Main Ideas and Supporting DetailsLESSON 8: "Arachne the Spinner Retold" by Geraldine McCaughrean
Identifying Causes and EffectsLESSON 9: "Ruth Handler: Filling a Need" by Jean F. Blashfield
Reading a BiographyLESSON 10: "Team Darby" (Part 1) by Geof Smith
Making PredictionsLearning New WordsLESSON 11: "Team Darby" (Part 2) by Geof Smith
Using Summaries to Make PredictionsLESSON 12: "What's in a Name?" by Martha Morss
Identifying Causes and EffectsLESSON 13: "The Thief's Story" by Ruskin Bond
Drawing Conclusions About CharactersLESSON 14: "Left-handers in a Right-handed World" by Dr. AlvinSilverstein and Virginia B. Silverstein
Comparing and ContrastingLESSON 15: "Five Words" by Pnina Kass
Drawing Conclusions About CharactersLearning New WordsLESSON 16: "Learning to Disobey" by Margery Facklam
Summarizing NonfictionLESSON 17: "Louis Braille and His Dots" by Paulette BochnigSharkey
Outlining Main Ideas and Supporting DetailsLESSON 18: "The Mammoth" by Michele G. Bounce
Mapping Story ElementsLESSON 19: "Mayday!" by Redvers Brandling
Making PredictionsLESSON 20: "A Trickle in the Desert" by Laila S. Khalil
Identifying Problems and Solutions in NonfictionLearning New WordsGraphing Your ProgressGlossary of Terms

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