McGraw-Hill's MCAT, Second Edition

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September 14, 2009


Mixed media product, 1186 pages

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007163309X / 9780071633093


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Main description

Total MCAT preparation from a team of distinguished science instructors

McGraw-Hill’s MCAT with CD-ROM boasts features that make learning faster, simpler, and more effective. Inside you will find scientific diagrams that illustrate major concepts, charts that organize information, and concise “Cram Session” summaries of take-away points that you must know to succeed.

Two full-length sample MCATs are included on the newly enhanced accompanying PC- and Mac-compatible CD-ROM. All questions include detailed explanations.

Table of contents

HOW TO USE THIS BOOKPart I: All About the MCATChapter 1: Introducing the MCATChapter 2: Test Format and StructureChapter 3: General Test-Taking StrategiesPart II: Reviewing MCAT PhysicsChapter 1: Mathematics FundamentalsChapter 2: Physics FundamentalsChapter 3: KinematicsChapter 4: Forces and Newton's LawsChapter 5: Particle Dynamics: Work, Energy, and PowerChapter 6: Momentum and ImpulseChapter 7: Solids and FluidsChapter 8: Temperature and HeatChapter 9: Vibrations and WavesChapter 10: SoundChapter 11: Light and Geometric OpticsChapter 12: ElectrostaticsChapter 13: Electric CircuitsChapter 14: MagnetismChapter 15: Atomic and Nuclear PhysicsGLOSSARY OF PHYSICS TERMSON YOUR OWN: MCAT PHYSICS PRACTICEPart III: Reviewing MCAT General ChemistryChapter 1: Atoms and MoleculesChapter 2: Electronic Structure and the Periodic TableChapter 3: Trends in the Periodic TableChapter 4: Lewis Dot Structure, Hybridization, and VSEPR TheoryChapter 5: GasesChapter 6: Intermolecular Forces and Phase EquilibriaChapter 7: Chemical Equations and StoichiometryChapter 8: Reactions in SolutionChapter 9: ThermochemistryChapter 10: KineticsChapter 11: EquilibriumChapter 12: Solubility EquilibriaChapter 13: Acid-Base ChemistryChapter 14: ThermodynamicsChapter 15: ElectrochemistryGLOSSARY OF GENERAL CHEMISTRY TERMSON YOUR OWN: MCAT GENERAL CHEMISTRY PRACTICEPart IV: MCAT Verbal Reasoning and WritingChapter 1: Verbal ReasoningChapter 2: The Writing SamplePart V: Reviewing MCAT BiologyChapter 1: The CellChapter 2: Enzymes, Energy, and Cellular MetabolismChapter 3: DNA Structure, Replication, and TechnologyChapter 4: Protein SynthesisChapter 5: Genetics Chapter 6: Cell DivisionChapter 7: EvolutionChapter 8: Bacteria and FungiChapter 9: VirusesChapter 10: Tissues and SkinChapter 11: The Nervous System and SensesChapter 12: Muscular and Skeletal SystemsChapter 13: The Endocrine SystemChapter 14: The Cardiovascular SystemChapter 15: The Respiratory SystemChapter 16: The Digestive SystemChapter 17: The Urinary SystemChapter 18: The Lymphatic and Immune SystemChapter 19: Reproduction and DevelopmentON YOUR OWN: MCAT BIOLOGY PRACTICEPart VI: Reviewing MCAT Organic ChemistrySECTION I: STRUCTUREChapter 1: BondingChapter 2: Molecular ShapeChapter 3: Electronic StructureChapter 4: NomenclatureChapter 5: Reconciling Visual MeaningSECTION II: REACTIVITYChapter 6: Energy Changes in MoleculesChapter 7: Radical ChemistryChapter 8: Polar ChemistryChapter 9: Pericyclic ChemistrySECTION III: METHODOLOGYChapter 10: Alcohols and EthersChapter 11: Ketones and AldehydesChapter 12: Alkenes and AlkynesChapter 13: Carboxylic Acid DerivativesChapter 14: Epoxide ChemistryChapter 15: AminesChapter 16: Aromatic ChemistryChapter 17: CycloadditionsChapter 18: Carbohydrates and PeptidesSECTION IV: SEPARATION AND PURIFICATIONChapter 19: ExtractionChapter 20: ChromatographyChapter 21: Distillation and SublimationChapter 22: RecrystallizationSECTION V: CHARACTERIZATIONChapter 23: Combustion AnalysisChapter 24: UV-Vis SpectroscopyChapter 25: Mass SpectrometryChapter 26: Infrared SpectroscopyChapter 27: Proton Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceChapter 28: Carbon Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceAPPENDIXON YOUR OWN: MCAT ORGANIC CHEMISTRY PRACTICETWO SAMPLE MCATs ON CD

Author comments

George Hademenos, Ph.D., was assistant professor at the University of Dallas, where he taught general physics and quantum physics. He has also taught at the University of Massachusetts and at UCLA.

Candice McCloskey, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of chemistry at Georgia Perimeter College.

Shaun Murphree, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of chemistry at Allegheny College.

Jennifer M. Warner is assistant chair of the Biology Department at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

Kathy Zahler is a widely published text book writer and author of McGraw-Hill's MAT and McGraw-Hill's Conquering GRE Verbal.

Copyright 2014 McGraw-Hill Global Education Holdings, LLC


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