Supporting Language and Literacy Development in the Early Years

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March 1, 2009


Paperback, 200 pages


0335234275 / 9780335234271


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Main description

"Marian Whitehead's re-focused priorities of babies as powerful thinkers, the significance of non-verbal communication, the importance of language play, the roots of emergent literacy and the notion of language and education as shared community endeavours make her book the one to choose for today's world."
Early Years Update

Radically rewritten and updated in light of new research and developments, the new edition of this important book gives clear guidance to early years practitioners on how to support young children’s language and literacy development.

The book covers the age range 0-7 years and highlights the speed and complexity of this period of growth in children’s thinking, communicative abilities, language, social and cultural awareness and physical skills. Child observations and case studies and photographs are used to demonstrate the learning that goes on in a variety of homes and early years settings.

New and key features include:

  • An expanded chapter showing a range of good practices in three different settings (nursery school, integrated children’s centre and Steiner kindergartens)
  • A new chapter reviewing the statutory national requirements for communication, language and literacy in the UK
  • Additional case studies (including children in the final year of the Foundation Stage)
  • End of chapter summaries
  • Updated further reading
  • Notes on provision and activities for supporting young children’s development at ends of each chapter
Supporting Language and Literacy Development in the Early Years is valuable reading for early years students and practitioners.

Table of contents

1. Great communicators
2. Play and language
3. Once upon a time ...
4. Emerging literacy
5. Language, literature and literacy in early years settings: case studies
6. National requirements for language andliteracy in the early years
7. Communicating and talking together

I The Bears’ Treasure Island
II Hampden Way Nursery School documents
III ‘The Five Year Old Steiner Waldorf Child’ statement
IV Earlham Early Years Centre documents

Author comments

Marian Whitehead is an independent language and early years consultant and the author of several texts on language and literacy development. She was formerly Senior Lecturer in Education at Goldsmiths College, University of London and an Early Years teacher in inner London schools.

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