Basic Mathematics for Electricity and Electronics w/ Workbook

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August 7, 2007


Paperback, pages


0077238796 / 9780077238797


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Main description

The math theory is developed in slow, simple stages and is directly applied to the solution of real problems. This method is backed up with "CHECKUPS" which act as a motivator, and "BRUSHUPS" which review the mathematical concepts immediately necessary for the continuance of the electrical development and applications.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to ElectricityChapter 2 Simple Electric CircuitsChapter 3 FormulasChapter 4 Series CircuitsChapter 5 Parallel Circuits Chapter 6 Combination CircuitsChapter 7 Electric PowerChapter 8 Algebra for Complex Electric CircuitsChapter 9 Kirchoff’s LawsChapter 10 Applications for Series and Parallel CircuitsChapter 11 EfficiencyChapter 12 Resistance of WireChapter 13 Size of WiringChapter 14 Trigonometry for Alternating-Current ElectricityChapter 15 Introduction to AC ElectricityChapter 16 Inductance and Transformers Chapter 17 CapacitanceChapter 18 Series AC CircuitsChapter 19 Parallel AC CircuitsChapter 20 Alternating-Current PowerChapter 21 Three-Phase SystemsChapter 22 Three-Phase Transformer ConnectionsChapter 23 Mathematics for Logic ControlsChapter 24 Signal Distribution

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