Women and the American Experience

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October 25, 2010


Paperback, 640 pages


0073385573 / 9780073385570


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Main description

This comprehensive synthesis of women's history from the 17th century to the present draws on the past four decades of scholarship in the field. The book's unique dual-chapter format pairs a narrative "episode" that vividly evokes a particular individual or event with a synthesis chapter that places each episode carefully within its broader historical context. This pairing of the concrete and specific with the general and historic creates a richly compelling reading experience.

Table of contents

1. Mary Rowland's Captivity2. The Seventeenth Century: A Frontier SocietyA Necessary GoodHousewifery and TradeServants and SlavesNative American WomenProphets and SaintsInvisible FuriesSuggested Readings and Sources3. Eliza Pinckney and Republican Motherhood4.The Eighteenth Century: The Eve of ModernityWives and WidowsCharacter and CapacityLegal InstitutionsDiversity of CulturesThe Cradle of the RevolutionThe Pursuit of HappinessFathers and Daughters, Mothers and SonsSuggested Readings and Sources5. Sarah Hale and the Ladies Magazine6. Promoting Woman's Sphere, 1800-1860The Home and the WorldPiety and PurityAcademy and Common SchoolReaders and AuthorsFactory and MillCity and FrontierWhite Women in the Antebellum SouthSuggested Readings and Sources7. The Grimke Sisters Assail Slavery: The 1830s8. Benevolence, Reform, and Slavery, 1800-1860Origins of AssociationMoral ReformWomen in SlaveryAbolition and the Woman QuestionCommunitarian Alternatives and Legal RightsThe Women's Rights MovementSuggested Readings and Sources9. The Shirtwaist Strike of 190910. Women at Work, 1860-1920Civil War and Women's WorkThe Black ExperienceThe Trans-Mississippi WestImmigrants, Cities, and Working GirlsWomen in IndustryThe Union ExperienceOffice, Store, and ClassroomSuggested Readings and Sources11. The Founding of Hull House12. The Rise of the New Woman, 1860-1920Shrinking FamiliesThe College WomanThe Professional WomanClubwomen and CrusadersEducated HomemakersSocial HousekeepersSuggested Readings and Sources13. The Crisis of the NWSA14. Feminism and SuffrageAn Independent Suffrage MovementFinding a ConstituencyThe Argument over SuffrageVoices on the LeftPeace, War, and the Women's PartyWomen and the VoteSuggested Readings and Sources15. Direct Action: Margaret Sanger's Crusade16. Cross-Currents: The 1920sFeminists in ConflictAspiration and CareerMigrants and ImmigrantsThe New Morality"Pals" and "Partners"Companions and ConsumersContraceptive PoliticsSuggested Readings and Sources17. Humanizing the New Deal, 193318. Emergencies: The 1930s and 1940sDepression FamiliesWorking WomenWomen's New Deal"Front Page Woman"The Impact of World War IIPostwar ProspectsSuggested Readings and Sources19. Turning Points: The Early 1960s20. High Expectations: 1950-1975Suburban HousewivesWorking MothersMixed SignalsBlack Women in Postwar AmericaCivil Rights and Women's LiberationLegitimizing FeminismSuggested Readings and Sources21. The Thomas Hearings: Responses to Anita Hill, 199122. In Search of Equality: Since 1975Feminism and StalemateWomen in the WorkplaceFamilies in TransitionImmigration, Ethnicity, and DiversityThe Gender GapWomen and the LawSuggested Readings and Sources23. Equal Pay for Equal Work: Lilly Ledbetter, 2007-200924. Recent Times: The Twenty-First CenturyA Multi-Cultural SocietyDomestic LivesEducational FrontiersThe Global MarketplacePolitics, Public Policy, and PolarizationLooking ForwardSuggested Readings and Sources

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