Introducing Communication Theory: Analysis and Application

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February 17, 2009


Paperback, 640 pages


0073385077 / 9780073385075


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Main description

This text introduces the field of communication to students who may have little or no background in communication theory. Its three overriding goals are to help students understand the pervasiveness of theory in their lives, to demystify the theoretical process, and to help students become more systematic and critical in their thinking about theory.

Table of contents

PrefacePart One. Setting the Stage Chapter 1. Thinking about Communication: Definitions, Models, and EthicsChapter 2. Thinking about the Field: Traditions and ContextsChapter 3. Thinking About Theory and ResearchChapter 4. Before We Begin...Part Two. Understanding the Dialogue THE SELF AND MESSAGESChapter 5. Symbolic Interaction Theory Chapter 6. Coordinated Management of Meaning Chapter 7. Cognitive Dissonance Theory Chapter 8. Expectancy Violations TheoryRELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENTChapter 9. Uncertainty Reduction Theory Chapter 10. Social Penetration Theory Chapter 11. Social Exchange TheoryChapter 12. Relational Dialectics TheoryChapter 13. Communication Privacy Management TheoryGROUPS AND ORGANIZATIONSChapter 14. GroupthinkChapter 15. Structuration TheoryChapter 16. Organizational Culture TheoryChapter 17. Organizational Information TheoryTHE PUBLICChapter 18. The RhetoricChapter 19. DramatismChapter 20. The Narrative ParadigmTHE MEDIAChapter 21. Cultural StudiesChapter 22. Cultivation AnalysisChapter 23. Uses and Gratifications Theory Chapter 24. Spiral of Silence TheoryChapter 25. Media Ecology TheoryCULTURE AND DIVERSITYChapter 26. Face-Negotiation TheoryChapter 27. Communication Accommodation TheoryChapter 28. Muted Group TheoryChapter 29. Standpoint TheoryPart Three: On the Horizon...Chapter 30. Moving in New Directions

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