Landmarks in Humanities

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January 11, 2012


Paperback, 512 pages


0073376647 / 9780073376646


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Main description

Landmarks in Humanities is a single-volume survey of global culture designed to help students of humanities, cultural history, and history of the arts to understand and appreciate the relevance of historical works and ideas to their own daily lives. In chronological sequence, Landmarks guides students on a journey of the most notable monuments of the human imagination and the most prominent ideas and issues that have shaped the course and character of the world’s cultures from prehistory to the present. The landmarks that mark this journey are the great works of their place and time and, in some cases, of all time.

The text reflects the author's extensive background in the study of Humanities, which has enabled her to craft a narrative that is at once brief and comprehensive, giving students a thorough understanding of the interrelatedness of various modes of expression—art and architecture, literature, philosophy, and music--without overwhelming them with detail. Each of the text's fifteen chapters is centered on a key idea related to the period being discussed, and contains a series of valuable pedagogical features including timelines, high-quality maps, and boxed material. Each chapter also takes a unique cultural or historical point of view, often through primary sources, the stylistic relationship between two or more images and ideas or between text and image, and contemporaneous non-Western cultural landmarks and cross-cultural influences.

In this edition, each chapter opens with “A First Look” at a landmark work that illustrates the key idea of the chapter and acts as a cultural guidepost to that chapter’s overarching theme. This new feature explains the artwork’s significance as a landmark in its own time as well as in ours.

Table of contents

Origins: The First CivilizationsPrehistoryThe Birth of CivilizationMesopotamiaAfrica: Ancient EgyptAfrica: Western SudanThe AmericasBeyond the West: Ancient IndiaBeyond the West: Ancient ChinaAfterwordKey TopicsThe First Civilizations Timeline2 Classicism: The Greek LegacyAncient Greek CivilizationAthens and the Golden AgeGreek PhilosophyBeyond the West: Chinese PhilosophyThe Classical StyleThe Hellenistic AgeAfterwordKey TopicsAncient Greece Timeline3 Empire: The Power and Glory of RomeThe Roman Rise to EmpireRoman LiteratureArt and EmpireBeyond the West: China’s Rise to EmpireAfterwordKey TopicsAncient Rome Timeline4 Revelation: The Flowering of World ReligionsJudaismChristianityThe Spread of ChristianityIslamBeyond the West: BuddhismAfterwordKey TopicsWorld Religions Timeline5 Synthesis: The Rise of the WestThe Germanic TribesThe Age of CharlemagneBeyond the West: JapanFeudal SocietyFeudal-Age LiteratureEarly Medieval MusicBeyond the West: ChinaAfterwordKey TopicsEarly Middle Ages Timeline6 Christendom: Europe in the Age of FaithThe Medieval ChurchMedieval TownsThe Pilgrimage ChurchThe Gothic CathedralMedieval MusicBeyond the West: India and ChinaAfterwordKey TopicsHigh Middle Ages Timeline7 Rebirth: The Age of the RenaissanceTransition: Medieval to RenaissanceThe Arts in TransitionThe Italian RenaissanceRenaissance HumanismEarly Renaissance ArtHigh Renaissance ArtBeyond the West: The Glories of the Ottoman EmpireRenaissance MusicAfterwordKey TopicsRenaissance Timeline8 Reform: The Northern Renaissance and the ReformationRenaissance and ReformationSixteenth-Century LiteratureBeyond the West: Japanese TheaterNorthern ArtNorthern MusicAfterwordKey TopicsNorthern Renaissance Timeline9 Encounter: European Outreach and ExpansionGlobal Travel and TradeAfricaThe AmericasCross-Cultural EncounterAfterwordKey TopicsAfrica and the Americas Timeline10 Baroque: Piety and ExtravaganceThe Catholic ReformationThe Italian BaroqueThe Northern BaroqueThe Aristocratic BaroqueBeyond the West: Aristocratic LandmarksBaroque MusicAfterwordKey TopicsBaroque Timeline11 Enlightenment: Science and the New LearningThe Scientific RevolutionThe EnlightenmentLiterature and the EnlightenmentThe Visual Arts and the EnlightenmentMusic and the EnlightenmentBeyond the West: JapanAfterwordKey TopicsEnlightenment Timeline12 Romanticism: Nature, Passion, and the SublimeHeralds of RomanticismRomantic LiteratureAmerican RomanticismRomanticism in the Visual ArtsRomantic Music and DanceBeyond the West: Exploring AfricaAfterwordKey TopicsRomanticism Timeline13 Materialism: The Industrial Era and the Urban SceneThe Global Dominion of the WestLiterary RealismLate-Nineteenth-Century ArchitectureRealism in the Visual ArtsImpressionismPostimpressionismBeyond the West: The Lure of the Exotic: OceaniaLate-Nineteenth-Century SculptureLate-Nineteenth-Century MusicAfterwordKey TopicsMaterialism Timeline14 Modernism: The Assault on TraditionNew DirectionsWar and RevolutionBeyond the West: Mao's ChinaModern LiteratureModern ArtModern ArchitectureMusic and DanceAfterwordKey TopicsModernism Timeline15 Globalism: Information, Communication, and the Digital RevolutionPost-War ConvulsionsThe Quest for EqualityScience and PhilosophyThe Information ExplosionContemporary LiteratureArt and ArchitectureMusic and DanceInto the Twenty-First CenturyAfterwordKey TopicsGlobalism TimelineGlossaryFurther ReadingLiterary CreditsPicture CreditsIndex

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