How to Do Everything with Photoshop(R) 7

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November 15, 2002


Electronic book text, 341 pages


0072228342 / 9780072228342

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Main description

The world’s most popular photo editing tool just got easier to use. This user-friendly step-by-step resource breaks down the full range of features and shows you how to become more productive in Photoshop, and even points out potential stumbling blocks for beginners.

Table of contents

1: Understanding the Photoshop Interface 2: Creating a Layered Image 3: Setting Your Preferences 4: Creating Selections 5: Acquiring Images 6: Using the Paint and Fill Tools 7: Adding Type 8: Creating Wow with Layer Effects 9: Creating Special Effects with Filters 10: Creating Graphics for the Web 11: Using the Shape and Pen Tools 12: Using Productivity Tools 13: Moving Between Applications 15: Solving Common Photoshop Problems

Back cover copy

Harness the power of Photoshop to create beautiful looking images effortlessly. Tackle common problems and technical issues, edit and enhance existing artwork--plus experiment with new ideas and methods to create entirely new visual scenes and schemas. Familiarize yourself with the Photoshop interface and tool palette, then follow along as author Laurie McCanna expertly guides you, in friendly, easy-to-understand language, through all the major functions of this amazing graphics application. Includes helpful advice on keyboard shortcuts, Photoshop Actions, and the history palette. How to Do Everything with Photoshop 7 will help you discover new worlds of artistic splendor and Web-ready visual wizardry.

  • Take control of your work space by setting customized preferences
  • Create beautiful digital artwork for print or Web, personal or professional use
  • Use layers to experiment without damaging the underlying artwork
  • Copy and paste from several photos into a single image
  • Isolate and edit portions of images with an array of selection tools
  • Sharpen, replace, and repair existing images, and retouch photographs
  • Mimic traditional painting tools ranging from pencils to airbrushes
  • Add and edit typography, and work with the character palette
  • Achieve the best results when working with multiple software programs.
  • Troubleshoot and solve performance problems

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