All About Dividend Investing, Second Edition

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October 22, 2010


Electronic book text, 256 pages

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0071759441 / 9780071759441

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Main description

A rock-solid investment strategy for a shaky market!

Nervous about the state of your portfolio? Do you want to add stable investments without losing the potential for real growth? If so, you need to explore dividends.

This revised and updated edition of the popular All About Dividend Investing leads you through the process of identifying under-priced dividend-paying companies and assembling the best of those companies into a successful portfolio. It’s simply the best strategy available for anyone looking to build a reduced-risk, growth-oriented investment strategy.

All About Dividend Investing is a comprehensive guide that explains:

  • New evidence explaining the extraordinary benefits of dividend-paying stock investing
  • Anticipated tax law changes and their likely effects
  • Updates of historical analysis on market cycles and what this means for you
  • A new chapter discussing the failure of conventional investment over the last 30 years

Dividend-paying stocks are ideal for any portfolio because their cash flow provides steady income with less price volatility, in both up and down markets. They also offer the possibility of positive returns during extended periods of time, when there is little or no price appreciation in the equity markets.

All About Dividend Investing is the guide for reducing short-term risk while maximizing long-term growth.

Author comments

Don Schreiber, Jr. is founder, president, and CEO of WBI Investments, Inc., a financial consulting firm.
Gary E. Stroik is vice president, portfolio manager, and chair of WBI Investments, Inc.

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