Entourage, 5th Edition

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April 11, 2011


Electronic book text, 320 pages


0071754555 / 9780071754552

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Main description

The quick and easy way to create visually persuasive architectural presentations—now with updated images throughout

Entourage, Fifth Edition is packed with hundreds of sketches designed to be traced for incorporation into design presentations. The book offers a huge assortment of entourage figures that allow architects, commercial artists, interior designers, draftpersons, and graphic designers to bring designs to life. Add more power and impact to your presentations using this invaluable, state-of-the-art resource.

Entourage, Fifth Edition features:

  • Updated images of people, cars, and more
  • Figures and elements in various sizes, scales, and postures
  • Valuable tips and techniques for working in Photoshop
  • How-to information for working with layouts and altering images
  • Numerous examples of how professional renderers use entourage elements in their drawings

A wide variety of images and techniques:
Entourage Overlays; Architectural Scale; Perspective Scale; Family Activities; Special Activities; Seated Figures; Sports Activities; Photodrawing; Plan Views; Deciduous Trees; Summer/Winter; Trees in Outline; Snow-covered Trees; Evergreen Trees; Palm Trees; Plants and Shrubs; Plans and Elevation Views; Oblique Views; Color Images; Boats and Airplanes; Furniture and Fixtures; Clouds and Birds; Environmental Elements

Table of contents

Part I: Layouts
Entourage Overlays
Part II: Figures
Architectural Scale
Perspective Scale
Family Activities
Special Activities
Seated Figures
Sports Activities
Part III: Flora
Plan Views
Deciduous Trees
Sinter Skeleton
Trees in Outline
Snow-covered Trees
Evergreen Trees
Palm Trees
Plants + Shrubs
Part IV: Vehicles
Plans + Elevation Views
Oblique Views
Color Images
Boats + Airplanes
Part V: Environment
Furniture + Fixtures
Clouds + Birds
Environmental Elements

Author comments

Ernest Burden, AIA, is an architect and consultant specializing in media and marketing strategies. He is the author of many books on design and presentation, including McGraw-Hill's Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture.

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