Negotiating Skills for Managers

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March 1, 2002


Paperback, 180 pages

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0071387579 / 9780071387576


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Main description

Now translated into nine languages! This reader-friendly, icon-rich series is must reading for all managers at every level.

All managers, whether brand new to their positions or well established in the corporate hierarchy, can use a little "brushing up" now and then. The skills-based Briefcase Books series is filled with ideas and strategies to help managers become more capable, efficient, effective, and valuable to their corporations.

Virtually everything in business is negotiated, and the ability to negotiate strong agreements and understandings is among today's most valuable talents. Negotiating Skills for Managers explains how to establish a solid pre-negotiation foundation, subtly guide the negotiation, and consistently set and achieve satisfactory targets. From transferring one's existing strengths to the negotiating table to avoiding common negotiating errors, it reveals battle-proven steps for reaching personal and organizational objectives in every negotiation.

Author comments

Steven Cohen is the head of The Negotiation Skills

Company and delivers seminars and speeches on training worldwide.

Back cover copy

Negotiating Techniques for Achieving Buy-In from All Sides­­While Ensuring Your Primary Goals are Accomplished

The skill to negotiate effectively is essential in today's give-and-take management environment. Negotiating Skills for Managers provides the tools you need to understand and prepare for each negotiation, along with proven methods to subtly and skillfully guide it to a successful conclusion. Turn to this latest addition to McGraw-Hill's skills-based Briefcase Books series for hands-on techniques you can utilize to:

  • Discover each party's hot button issues, and ensure they are addressed and satisfied
  • Overcome cultural barriers to develop understanding and agreement between parties
  • Use The Interest Map©­­A crucial tool for preparing an airtight pre-negotiation strategy

Effective negotiation shouldn't be a hard-fought battleground, with one side bent on destroying the other. Let Negotiating Skills for Managers show you how to negotiate with tact and skill, accomplishing your own personal and organizational objectives while creating non-adversarial agreements that will stand the test of time and the destructive pressures of the marketplace.

Briefcase Books, written specifically for today's busy manager, feature eye-catching icons, checklists, and sidebars to guide managers step-by-step through everyday workplace situations. Look for these innovative design features to help you navigate through each page:

  • Clear definitions of important terms, concepts, and jargon
  • Tips and tactics for conducting successful negotiations
  • Insider tips for implementing this book's practices
  • Practical advice for minimizing negotiation mistakes
  • Warning signs for where things could­­and often do­­go wrong
  • Stories of negotiations that have gone well­­or not so well
  • Procedures, techniques, and tactics you can use in your next negotiation

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