Perfect Phrases for the Sales Call, Second Edition

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November 12, 2010


Electronic book text, 240 pages

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0071759433 / 9780071759434

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Main description

The Right Phrase for Every Situation . . . Every Time

How do you get an appointment with a prospect who doesn't accept sales calls? When is the best time to make a presentation? What's the smartest way to handle price objections?

This fully revised second edition of Perfect Phrases for the Sales Call provides an arsenal of persuasive langue to help you address any challenge you face. You'll find the right phrase to use when prospecting, seeking appointments, meeting customers, making presentations, proving your claims, creating value, and much more. Learn the most effective language for:

  • Getting past gatekeepers and selling to the decision makers
  • Presenting your product or service in the best light
  • Handling objections, stalling, and other delaying tactics
  • Building trust and cultivating relationships

Author comments

William T. Brooks is CEO of The Brooks Group, a consulting firm that provides custom sales solutions to businesses. An internationally renowned expert on sales and sales management, he has more than a dozen books to his credit.

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